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Netball at Immanuel Lutheran College

Let’s play netball

ILC Netball offers NetSetGO through to Divisional netball in a
fun, supportive, family-focussed environment


Who Are We? ILC

What Are We? The Team To Beat

We throw it; We’ll catch it, We’ll shoot it through the hoop.

We’ll jump up, Defend it and Intercept it too.
ILC is No. 1

Gooooo Immanuel!!!!!


Australia’s official starter program for girls and boys aged 5 to 10. It’s a chance to learn the netball basics in a supportive and friendly environment. For the majority, this is the first time they’ll pick up a netball. It’s meant to be a fun, learning experience. NSG has three tiers: Net, Set and GO. Where your child starts depends on their age and netball experience. As they move through the tiers, they’ll pick up more advanced netball skills which will lead them into Divisional.


A child’s first taste of competitive netball. It is for children aged 11 – 17 who want to take the sport more seriously. They’ll play for a full season, improve their skills and fitness, and make friends for life.


NetSetGO Blue

Friendship based team – girls and boys 5 -7 years

Starts after the Easter holiday break, this program is run by an experienced volunteer coach. The players are assisted by representative players who are an inspiration to this age group. It is a 10-12 week program aimed at developing ball handling, balance and foot work skills. This program is separate to the fixtures programs and registration is direct to SCNA.


NetSetGO Green

Friendship based team – girls and boys turning 8 years

Games are non-competitive and fully modified for the entire season. The emphasis is on fun and learning about the different netball positions. Rotation of players is essential to the development of netball growth in young children. Teams are generally based on friendship groups.


NetSetGO Gold

Friendship based team – girls and boys turning 9 years

Builds upon skills developed in Modified Green. Allows time for new players to adapt and develop some basic skills. The season begins as fully modified and progresses to step-by-step introduction to the rules. Scores will be recorded for each game, however there will be no ladder.


NetSetGO White

Girls and boys turning 10 years

Full rules are generally implemented from the beginning of the season. A simple grading round robin starts the season to allow for a development structure for each group to be based on their needs. Scores will be recorded but there is no ladder.


Divisional (Competitive)

Girls only turning 11 years and older

The focus of the divisional competition is the development of the individual player to a level with which they are comfortable. SCNA will grade teams from all clubs to form divisions of similar skill levels.

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