2022 Pre-Season FAQ

2022 Pre-Season FAQ

When will Sign on Day be?

We will decide on this in early 2022 and let everyone know.  Our registrations are all online (see our Registrations TAB) and are open now.  In 2022 we will be hosting a Come and Try Day in early Feb. An excellent opportunity for kids who want to experience soccer to participate in some fun drills and a short game. 

My child has never played before?  Can they try out a few games before they sign up?

We have a COME and TRY Day after school in Feb! See FB for details.  This is so the kids can have a try at some fun activities and play a small game.  Once you start playing and training with your team, you are expected to have committed to that team.

When do I find out what team my child is in?

On team announcement day:  DATE TBC (Mid Feb 2022).  We post the details here on the Events page, on our Facebook Page and also the registrar will send out an email with the details.  Any queries, please get in touch with the Registrar.  

What day will my team train?

Training days are usually decided at the Team Announcement Day, once the teams are drafted.  The training session will most likely be after school and will usually be determined by your team collectively.  For younger teams, it may be an hour. For older teams, a little longer.  If your team has been together for a year already, they may already have a preferred day.  

Where will my team train?

Training takes place at Immanuel.  Once your team has decided on the day, your Manager or Coach will need to book the training day and oval (Main or Stadium) via the school online booking system.  Go to the Training and Development Tab on our website.  

 What time and days are games played?

Games are played on a Saturday.  The time varies each week.  Games are played during school term time. We have the FIXTURES (dates only) posted on our website.  The Sunshine Coast Churches Soccer SCCSA website and Facebook page have links to the game draw, which you can check each week.  Your team’s manager will also email each week with details for your game.

Where are the games played?

Games are played over the Sunshine Coast, from Caloundra to Noosa.  Check the SCCSA website for the teams in the competition.  You could be playing at any of these fields, including our own!

Who will be the Coach and Manager of our team?

Your team nominates Coaches and Managers.  At Team Announcement Day, you and your son/daughter will need to attend to select a Coach and manager.  Unfortunately, if you don’t have a Coach or Manager, you can’t progress as a team.  Our Volunteers are what makes our Club great! 

If you are interested in coaching or managing, get ahead and email: [email protected]

When is the first game of the season?

Sat 5th March 2022.  For the competitive age groups (U11 and over), this is the first grading game.  For the younger ones, this is a Roo Ball Carnival!  This is where they play a bunch of short matches.  Fixtures for 2022 are available here.

When does the season end?

The final rostered game is the 13th Aug 2022, with up to 3 weeks of finals after that for the competitive teams.

For the non-competitive teams, there is a non-compulsory carnival on Saturday 20th Aug 2022.

My child can’t play every weekend.  Can we still register?

Committing to your team is essential.  It is important to attend training and to attend all the games. If illness strikes or other reasons, please talk to your team manager.

If they are only going to be unavailable for 1-2 weeks over the season, there should be no problem with that.

I don’t want to pay by credit card.  Is there another way?

We prefer when you are registering to pay by credit card.

Please email the club treasurer for [email protected] if you are unable to do this for some reason.

I have three or more children playing! Am I entitled to a discount?

YES – please pay by credit card first, then email the requesting the discount – and please provide your bank details.

I have a Fair Play Voucher (Get Started).  How do I use this?

Please pay by credit card at the time of registering. Once you have received your fair play voucher, please sign it and email it to [email protected] with your bank details. We will then process a refund to you for the value of the voucher.

Do you ‘grade’ players on the Immanuel teams?

No.  We don’t.  In the competitive age groups (U11 and over), we generally only have one team per age group.  However, there are grading games to see where the Immanuel team fits into the SCCSA competition: A, B, C grades.  

Our kids don’t go to Immanuel College. Can we still sign up?

Yes.  We welcome players from all around.  Our constitution currently allows 30% of players to come from outside schools/clubs.

Do you have any all-girls teams?  Can I put together an all-girls team?

In the SCCSA, some age groups have all-girls teams.  We currently don’t have any all-girls teams in our Club.  Our girls play with the boys and love it! If you have enough players to put one together, please contact the registrar at [email protected] to discuss. 

I can Coach, but I can’t always be at games and/or training?  Should I still volunteer?

YES!  Of course.  You can co-coach or have an assistant coach.  Whatever works well for your team.

I want to help out with Coaching, but I’ve never done it before.  Should I still volunteer?

YES!  We need everyone we can get to assist in running this Club.  At the start of every season, we have a Coaches and Managers night.  On this evening, the President will talk to you about your role and answer any questions you may have.  There are also a couple of Coaches Courses run by SCCSA you can attend, and you will receive invaluable information, including drills and skills.  These courses are run regularly throughout the year, both before and during the season. If you would like more information, send an email to: [email protected]

I want to help out as Manager – what’s involved?

At the start of every season, we have a Coaches and Managers night.  On this evening, the President will talk to you about your role and answer any questions you may have.  You will also get your kit bag which has all your training balls, shirts etc., in it for distribution.  As Manager of the team, you are the critical communicator between our Club, the committee and the parents.  You will communicate via email and texts primarily (maybe create a Facebook page too) with your team training times, changes, weather, game times, game locations, uniform allocation, holiday programs, and notably organising your team for home game canteen and grounds roster (usually there are only eight home games per season). You might also assist the Coach at training and help with subs at games.  Often the Committee will email a template to you for communicating certain things to your players. 

How else can I get involved?

We are always looking for more committee members to help out with the administration and coordination of our club. If you would like to be involved, please reach out to any of the current committee members by visiting our CONTACTS page. The more committee members we have, the more we can do to ensure our players get the most out of their football season. 

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